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What is Museit?

You're creating beautiful art and your fans love it. Museit makes it extremely easy to collect heartfelt messages and tips from your fans all in one place. Let your fans show their appreciation for your creation.

Make money doing what you love

Between audience access to free streaming services and limited ability to do live events, earning money as an artist is more difficult than it's ever been.

With Museit, collecting tips from your supporters during live streams, virtual performances, and pre-recorded events becomes as easy as clicking a button.  Since your link never expires, you can collect tips long after the show is over.

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Your fans want to support you, and Museit makes it easy for that to happen.

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Why Museit?

Our customizable artist profiles, easy payment system, and integrated messaging means receiving tips and support from your fans is easier than ever. You focus on creating and performing, we'll handle the rest.

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How it Works

Create a profile

Create a Museit profile with a customized link that you can share with your fans.


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Use your profile link or personalized QR codes to direct traffic to your page. Whether playing a live show, street performing, or going live we have you covered, get creative with it!

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Securely connect your bank account and each month your tips will be deposited directly into your account.


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Whether you're doing a live stream or uploading a recorded video, just include your Museit link to start collecting tips from your fans.

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Can't believe how many people actually want to support my music!

I've been creating music for as long as I remember and have always loved performing live. With the current circumstances, I have transitioned into performing virtually just for fun. When I shared my Museit link on Instagram during a Instagram live session, I couldn't believe that people actually sent me messages and tips, this means so much to me. Thanks Museit!

Arthur Watership

So easy to send a tip and message!

I've been a huge fan of AdamB for the longest time and always wanted to find a way to show my appreciation after watching his online performances, saw that he was sharing this link and so happy that it was this easy to send him a tip and quick message! Keep on creating, AdamB, you're great at what you do!

Sarah S.

Took me less than 5 minutes to sign up and start sharing my tipping link!

My friend told me about Museit and that he was collecting tips and messages from fans with the platform, so I signed up, it took about 5 minutes, I shared my link during my Youtube Live performance the next day and started collecting tips and messages then and there. Love that payout is completely automated as well, amazing!

Evolution Beat

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